Promote Your Bodies Healing

Cupping Massage Therapy is a great way in order for you to increase your body’s natural healing system. This therapy works by taking special designed cups and heating the inside of them. Once heated the cup is then placed on your problem areas, after the air inside of the cup cools down it creates a vacuum. The vacuum causes suction on your skin therefore making your skin rise and redden as your blood vessels expand.

  • Reduce Muscle Pain

  • Decrease Inflammation

  • Improve Blood Circulation

  • Helps Skin Problems Like Eczema/Acne.

As the cups are pulling on your skin they are also lifting your muscle fibers and drawing blood to the area.

The increased blood flow and stimulation to your skin/muscles helps your body by reducing pain, decreasing muscle tightness, lessening inflammation and increasing blood circulation.

“Health is the greatest possession”.


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