Is Semaglutide the Samething As Ozempic?

Semaglutide and Ozempic: Are they the same thing?

So that’s a very good question. So Semaglutide is I guess you could kind of say it’s like the generic version of Ozempic. Normally with Semaglutide you’re getting it compounded. What does compounding mean? Compounding is at a special pharmacy. And they’re getting the powder Semaglutide and they’re mixing it with something. Ours usually comes with l-carotene which is a fat burner. Or you can get it with B12, which is good because everybody’s deficient in B12. Then Ozempic usually comes in a pen. It’s a prescription from your doctor. Ozempic is labeled for diabetes. You also have Wegovy, which is labeled for weight loss. They are both Semaglutide. It is as simple as that. Semaglutide is the generic version. So if you want to think of any medication that you’re on, there’s a name brand and a generic version. Semaglutide is the generic version of it. That is essentially what it is. So Semaglutide is compounded at a local pharmacy, then Ozempic is a name brand that you get from the pharmacy or you get from your doctor. So that’s the answer to, ‘Is Semaglutide and Ozempic the same thing?’

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