Take Back What’s Yours

Your hair loss treatment should stand the test of time instead of just fading away again. Some hair loss treatments on the market are famous for providing you with thicker hair for a short duration just for it to start falling out again. That won’t happen here because our hair loss techniques are backed by science.

  • Thicker And Fuller Hair

  • Lasting Hair Regrowth

  • Works On All Stages Of Hair Loss

  • Natural New Hair Growth

Our hair loss service uses the combination of PRP injections and our microneedling skin pen in order to grow your hair back from the inside out.

This works because our Microneedling/PRP treatments will stimulate your inactive hair follicles in order to start growing your natural hair back.

Also, since your new hair growth is caused by your natural hair follicles “reactivating” the hair you regain will be thick, full, and long lasting.

“The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence”.

Blake Lively

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