So you see people losing 20-30 pounds in six weeks using Semaglutide. Are these actual results or are they just fluff?

We actually do see about 10 to 12 pounds, 10 to 15 a month, depending on if you follow the instructions. You follow what we tell you to do, and you may get sensible change in your diet a little bit more active. Yeah, you will actually see that. So it’s not just fluff, it’s it’s actual results.

Okay. So people kind of have to put a little bit of work in. They’re not just going to…

Yeah it’s not magic. Yeah. You know I mean yes at first because it’s cardio protective. You might see more of that fluid retention coming off because of that. Right. But yeah you do have to put the work in.

Okay okay. That makes sense. So I saw that Elon Musk he lost a ton of weight and he accredited to Wegovy. Is Wegovy the same as Semaglutide or is that different?

So actually Wegovy, Ozempic is name brand at the pharmaceutical companies. So Semaglutide is more of a compounded. And then you also hear a lot of times that, oh my god, Semaglutide compounded. I can’t do that. But actually no. So it’s it’s the same thing. It’s the same chemical makeup. It’s the generic form of it actually. All of it is very effective. And it is approved for weight loss.

Okay. So is that kind of like, um, like the whole Tylenol, you know, instead of…
Exactly. Or like ibuprofen or like name brand Advil.

Yep. Same thing. Exactly.

So okay. That makes sense. Okay. Um, when you’re taking Semaglutide, do you have to change your diet, exercise or?

Well, the question is, do you want it forever or do you want it for short term. Right. If you want it forever, absolutely. You need to change things. You need to make life changes. Make sure that you’re a little bit healthier, learning what not to eat right and what to eat and active and stuff like that.

And what are some of the things then that people may have to change or change out of their diet? That would what are the big things?

The big things are simple carbs, anything processed to be white; white sugar, flour, pasta, rice, cut it out of your life. Cut it out of your diet. Things that we don’t need on a normal basis. You’re going to concentrate on your proteins and your complex carbs. So those nice, healthy, naturally white carbs like a potato or something like that.

Okay, so I, I can still eat my French fries if they’re baked.

If they’re baked in moderation. In moderation. You want to. Yeah. You maybe like two, three fries. Not, you know, a big old plate of fries.

Okay. All right. That makes sense. All right. Is Semaglutide approved for weight loss? Or is it just being abused as a weight loss medication?

That’s a really good question. Because we hear that a lot in the news. It’s actually approved. It’s FDA approved for weight loss, ozempic diabetics, wegovy weight loss, Semaglutide, all of it. So it’s more of your generic version that you can get compounded. And yeah, it’s it’s approved.

Okay. Well that actually, you know, takes a weight off honestly knowing it’s approved. So who can use Semaglutide then? Is it is it safe for everyone to use or should some people stay away from it?

You really need to be careful who you’re obtaining it from, because a lot of people will just give it to anybody. Right? But you need to be careful because, you know, if you’ve had medullary thyroid cancer, you absolutely can’t take it. You don’t want to take it because it although there’s never been a human approved case of getting thyroid medullary cancer, but only mice have got it. But still, you know, we don’t want to run that risk. The other thing is if you’ve had pancreatitis where you’ve had the IV nutrition absolutely cannot get this. So those are really the two things, we do a very thorough health assessment to make sure that you don’t have any of those things in your history.

Gotcha. okay. That makes sense. So when you’re taking Semaglutide then are there side effects? And what, if there is, are the serious side effects of it?

So we are really good at helping prevent those side effects. One of the biggest ones is nausea. There’s the big chance that you can have that. Not everybody gets it. But if you’re somebody that’s typically a nauseous person, then you’re at an increased risk of it. So we give you Zofran to make sure that you don’t have any of those nausea. Right. The other one that almost everybody gets constipation. So we’re very heavy on educating people they want. If you don’t have a bowel movement, take Miralax day two, call us because we’re going to give you some more ideas. Don’t go more than day two. You know a lot of people get into that. Oh it’ll happen tomorrow. Oh maybe it’ll happen tomorrow right. Can’t do that with this.

So you should you should really be paying attention. Absolutely. Constipation. Absolutely.

And if you’re somebody already who doesn’t go daily then we need to fix that.

Okay. That makes sense. And is there other ways to fight that other than, you know, just did you say Zofran?

Yeah. Zofran. For the nausea. You can do peppermint tea. There’s like a lotta you know, like oils and things like that are, that are out there. Right. So peppermint can help. Zofran, if it’s not tolerable and you really feel like you’re going to start vomiting, then it would definitely take the Zofran.

Okay. Nice. All right, so how do you take Semaglutide? Is it a pill. Is it a shot. You know, how do you take Semaglutide?

So there are actually both versions out. But the most effective in weight loss is the once a week injection. Okay. You can do the oral versions, but they’re not as effective in the weight loss. And then I have heard but I don’t know for sure. But there’s more nausea that might come with that okay.

So it’s it’s just a weekly injection then or?

Yeah just a once a week, same day of the week injection. And it is simple. It’s right in the fat. Usually the needle is about the size of a hair and you don’t even feel it.

Okay. Do I have to go into a professional to do that or can I do that myself?

We would prefer you to be able to come in first, so that we can do your whole assessment, make sure you’re appropriate, all of that stuff, and then you can do it yourself, you know, say you’re going on vacation or something like that, right? You can absolutely take it with you.

Very nice, very nice. So, um, how does, how are people buying Semaglutide right now then?

There’s lots of places. I think every corner now has a place where you can get it. So make sure you’re asking questions. Now, how long have they been doing it? How many people have they had on it? I would be careful with the online services, because you have these online pharmacies that might have a nurse practitioner or somebody you speak with, but they’re not asking a whole lot of questions. They may have you do an assessment, but they’re not really digging into who you are. You know, they’re not getting that body analysis to tell you how many calories you should be eating. What do you need to change your diet? If they don’t? If they tell you not to change your diet, then it’s just going to get the that should be a red flag.

Okay. Yeah, that is probably a red flag. And do you help with, like, you know, diet meal plans, how much protein/carbs, all of that?

We do all of that. It’s a whole body evaluation. It’s a whole body of what you need to do to be successful. Because I don’t know if you know, but gastric bypass, 95% of people fail gastric bypass within five years. Absolutely. But it’s not changing that mindset. It’s not changing anything about who you are. Yeah. It’s just shrinking your stomach. So we know somebody she had a gastric bypass not too long ago constantly obsessing about food still. Right. Because that is still in there. It’s still telling you that you’re hungry, that you want that sugar.

Yeah. And the Semaglutide kind of helps that?

Absolutely. It shuts down the I’m hungry. I’m craving it makes, slows down the digestion. So you’re not able to eat as much. Right. And if you do overeat you’re going to throw up you know. So it’s really important not to overeat.

Very nice. Well it sounds like Semaglutide is pretty outstanding.

I really tend to think it is. I mean, I’ve personally been on it for about two years and I’m not obsessed with food. Yeah. And you know, I was a notorious yo yo. So I was always up and down, up and down. And with this not so much.

Right. You see that a lot with the fad diets because like, you’ll see the quick like the keto diets where you’ll lose 15 pounds quick but then you’ll plateau. Mhm. And then you’ll start go back to your old eating habits. So this actually helps you curb that too. So that’s pretty nice.

If you go to somebody that teaches you those things. Yeah. You know you can’t. Yes. You’re going to lose weight just by taking it because you’re going to eat less. But once you go off, you’re going to put that weight back on because you haven’t learned how to change anything. Right? Yeah. So it’s important. And then, you know, a lot of times we wean people off when they get to their goal weight instead of just cold turkey, because if you cold turkey, you’re going to go back to being hungry. But if you wean off, you’re slowly reteaching yourself how to, you know, continue those. Habits, continue that.

Yeah. And the hunger is not as aggressive. Yeah, yeah. Have you heard about where people are like having the flabby skin or, you know, stuff like that at all?

Um, I have kind of heard of that. They were calling it a ozempic face maybe, or something. Yes. What is that about?

So a lot of what that is again, is them people not teaching you the right way to eat. Right? So you need to continue that protein. You need to continue the exercising. So if you drop weight drastically I don’t care what diet you’re on, if you’re doing keto, if you’re doing, you know, the Beachbody or, you know, Mediterranean diet, any of those diets, if you drop weight fast and you’re not doing the things to prevent that, absolutely. It’s going to happen. Right? So that’s another reason why you want to make sure you’re going to somebody that knows what they’re doing. So they’re making sure that you’re healthy and you’re losing it healthy.

Right. You’re just not losing it too fast. And then you just get flabby skin.

Exactly. So I mean, that kind of happens though rapid weight loss in any form, right? If you lose a ton of weight with, with or without it, you’re going to get those effects. So it’s. Yeah.
And another thing you’ll hear is muscle wasting. So that again we’re monitoring that. So if you are dropping your protein too fast, or you’re not getting enough protein because your calories are dropping, okay, then what happens is your muscle mass starts to go down. But when you’re coming in here, we’re doing the body analysis. So we’re watching your muscle. So if that muscle starts to drop then we’re going to go. We’re going to tell you okay you have to add in more protein. You need to make sure you’re getting this kind of protein. So much protein.
It’s important to eat more protein in order to stop your muscles from.

Exactly. Very nice. Exactly. And you monitor that through blood tests?

No, just a scale. We have a magical scale that you step on and just gives you all of that information. And we just watch that each time you come in.

Well that’s awesome. That’s good to know.

Yeah. That’s pain free.

Yeah I like pain free. I do like pain free.

Who doesn’t like pain free?

Fantastic. Well, thank you so much, Angela, for all your information about Semaglutide.

Anytime I’m here.