Can You Drink Alcohol On Semaglutide? Answered.

Can you drink alcohol on Semaglutide? The answer is yes, but there’s a couple things that you need to know.

One, Semaglutide is actually approved to help with addiction. So it’s going to change the way that it tastes. So your go to alcohol may not be your favorite anymore.

If you want to stop drinking, Semaglutide can actually help you stop drinking. But there are some things that you need to do to help figure out if it’s okay or not. So you need to be careful when you first drink, because if you’re a heavy drinker, you’re somebody who likes to go out on the weekend. You need to be careful because remember, Semaglutide is slowing down your digestion. When you slow down your digestion, you need to figure out is the alcohol going to hit you hard and heavy at first, or is it going to take a while and then it’s going to hit you hard? So I recommend start drinking slowly just to kind of figure out how you’re going to respond to it. Because if you are somebody that might take a long time to get drunk now, it might hit you really quickly, but you’re guzzling down those beers and it’s going to hit you hard, so we don’t want to do that.

So here are some drinks that you can drink. You want to stick with the keto friendly drinks. So one of them is rum. You could drink vodka, gin, whiskey, maybe a martini. You could do a Bloody Mary, Red wine, white wine and light beer. So you could kind of see there’s a trend to all of those. They’re low sugar contents.

So the ones you definitely want to avoid are the real sugary drinks. So that would be your whiskey sour, a margarita, a pina colada, red sangria and a regular beer. Those are all very heavy carb content. And you have to remember you’re trying to drink or you’re trying to stay away from simple carbs, So you need to be careful with that. A lot of those last things that were listed have a lot of carbs in them. So that’s the importance is if you want a drink, that’s fine. You can drink with Semaglutide. You just need to do it carefully and slowly at first, figure out how your body is going to respond and make sure it’s the low carbs. Because if you’re having high carbs, then what’s the point?

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