Angela Jayes, CNP, gives a run down on How Semaglutide Works to help you lose weight.

Have you ever wondered how Semaglutide works to help you lose weight?

#1 Food Noise

So the first way that it works is by getting rid of that noise. It shuts down the I’m craving and I’m hungry. And it’s really great because when you’ve had any kind of weight issues in the past, you always have that ruckus in your head. So Semaglutide actually gets rid of that ruckus.

# Slows Digestion

The second way that it works, it actually slows down your digestion. So you’re just not hungry. You can’t eat as much. Now, here’s a little trick. If you eat too much, you are going to throw up. So try not to eat too much. Just eat to the point of I feel food in my stomach.

#3 Insulin Resistance

Then the third way that it works, it actually gets rid of that insulin resistance. So what is insulin resistance? That is where your body stops processing your sugars the way that it’s supposed to. So your body’s insulin, your pancreas isn’t working as good as it should. And that is where semaglutide comes in because it starts making your pancreas work. It starts making your insulin work better, which is going to help with your overall hunger as well.


So some of the tips that make Semaglutide work better when that ruckus is starting to slow down, and you’re not having all of those hunger feelings and those cravings, you need to learn to listen to that. Because as we gain weight, we become very habitual. And what we’re trying to eat and what we’re worried about eating, when are we going to eat? So as that noise calms down, you got to start listening because that brain is telling you, hey, you’re not hungry, you’re not craving. Or maybe it’s telling you you can’t eat that or you can’t eat all of that. That’s you really got to start listening. And it takes a good 30 days to really listen to that and really concentrate on that. Another tip is do not overeat, eat too. I feel the food in my stomach and that’s it. Because if you eat to full or you eat too much of the wrong thing, you’re going to throw up. So that’s why people are like, oh my God, semaglutide made me throw up. It’s not so much the semaglutide making you throw up as it is. You’re not doing the right things. Semaglutide is not a magic. It’s it’s still you have to put in that effort. So you need to learn to listen to your body. And then the insulin resistance. There’s not really any tips with that. It’s just trying to cut out those simple sugars, trying to only eat protein and complex carbs. Because if you eat those complex carbs, the body and that protein, the body takes a little bit longer to process that stuff, which is going to help you be healthier in the long run.

Remember, you need to change the lifestyle. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. That’s how you will be successful. That is how Semaglutide works.