When Semaglutide Doesn’t Work And How To Get Better Weight Loss Results

Are you on Semaglutide? And you’re not losing weight? Maybe you’re gaining? I’m going to tell you why it’s not working for you.

#1 Calories

The reason number one of when Semaglutide doesn’t work is calories. You’re either getting too many or not enough. So it is important because there’s an average for men and women. So women should be right around 1200 to 1500 guys. It’s a little bit more individual. You know, really nobody needs to eat more than 1600 if you’re planning on losing weight. So it is important for you to get a body analysis, go somewhere and get that done so that you can have a better idea of what you need individually. So for me personally, I am turning 50 soon and I am having a hard time losing the weight. But my problem is my metabolism is slower and as we age that’s what happens. So if I eat more than 1200 calories, I’m gaining weight. So it’s important for me to stay right around that 1200 calories. So you have to figure out what’s right for you. But if you are eating about 500 calories because a lot of people Semaglutide makes you not hungry, so of course you’re not going to want to eat. Then if you do eat, sometimes you feel nauseous. So if you are eating that 500 calories, you can do that for probably about 30 days. Then your body goes into a state of starvation and you aren’t going to lose that weight anymore. So you do need to get that extra calories just sitting around on your couch and doing nothing all day long. Your body burns 1100 calories ish, so you need to make sure that you’re getting that calories. Now if you happen to go over, we all know what that means. That’s why we’re all on Semaglutide to begin with, because we have obesity or we’re overweight. So that’s why it’s important to kind of watch those calories just so you know what works for you. Make sure you’re not getting too many or too few.

#2 Protein

Reason number two of when Semaglutide doesn’t work is not enough Protein. Protein is extremely important. We don’t want you in keto because keto can actually be damaging. But we do want you more protein and vegetables. So you need to get those complex carbs. My rule of thumb is if it’s naturally in the earth, white, or naturally in the Earth, then it’s okay. It’s safe for you. 75% of what you eat needs to be protein, 25% complex carbs. Then the other important thing for women, you need to be eating about 80 to 100g of protein a day. Men should be 100 to 120g a day. Now that’s hard. I’ve been trying really, really hard for the past couple of months to push my protein up. I’m typically drinking two shakes a day with extra protein in it, and then I’m making sure that I’m getting natural protein as well. And I’m still most days having difficulty getting up to that 8100, especially because I’m not hungry. And now even with working out, that protein is even more important to make sure that you don’t have that muscle wasting. And I’m sure we’ve all heard of the muscle wasting with Semaglutide. Well, it is a thing. So that’s where it’s important to kind of monitor that muscle. But it’s also important to make sure you’re getting that protein very, very important. And that will help you lose the weight as well.

#3 Sedentary

Reason number three of when Semaglutide doesn’t work is sedentary. What does that mean? That means not getting up and moving. Now, it’s hard when you first start Semaglutide because you’re not getting enough calories and you feel like you’re tired and fatigued just because you’re not eating as much as you normally would. But just a simple walk, you know? Or maybe you have bad knees or your hips are bothering you. You could just simply sit in your chair and march in your chair or doing something with your arms. Anything that you can do to increase your heart rate for at least 30 minutes a day is going to take you off of that sedentary and at least get you into the movement part of it, which is important. It’s, you know, we don’t push it, push it, push it in the beginning. I do prefer that at some point you start getting some kind of activity in there. Somebody today was telling me, you know, at lunch, one of their coworkers like, hey, let’s go hit the stairs. That’s something. Just anything that you can do to start getting off the couch and get moving is actually going to help break that threshold of you not losing.

#4 Simple Carbs

Reason number four of when Semaglutide doesn’t work is too many simple carbs. Now, what are simple carbs? I think it’s very important to understand that there is a simple way to look at this. Anything processed to be white, that is the simplest way that you can learn this and understand it. And as soon as you’re looking at your food and you’re thinking, okay, is this process to be white? Is it naturally white? Because if it’s naturally white, considered a complex carbon, you want some of those in your life. The simple carbs are white sugar, white flour, white pasta, white rice. You do not need those in your life. You do not want those in your life. Those are just empty calories that we don’t need. Plus, on Semaglutide, those will make you sick. They will give you indigestion. They will give you belching. They can even cause nausea. So you need to be very careful, especially on Semaglutide, that you’re not eating those simple carbs. Those are things that you want to try to implement into your life, that you don’t eat for the rest of your life. Because we’re trying to develop a new lifestyle. Those are things that we don’t need. It is very, very important to cut those out of your life. So a good explanation of the simple versus complex. So simple. You don’t need those in your life. Anything processed to be white or anything that’s enriched. Don’t eat it. It’s not good for you. It’s empty calories. A good example of some of your complex carbs because we still need those. We need those in our lives, especially to prevent us from going into keto. But what those are, you know, baked potatoes, naturally white basmati and jasmine rice are naturally white. Those are safe, complex carbs, whole grain bread, multigrain bread, some of your beans, some of your fruits are considered complex carb. But I, I want you to eat more of those high fibrous fruits like an apple, maybe some berries. Try to stay away from your juicy fruits like your oranges and your grapefruits, because those can actually, if you don’t use the energy from those, they’re going to turn into a simple carb. And we don’t want those in our lives. So the complex carb is naturally white. It’s in the earth white. You can eat it. Cauliflower potatoes don’t eat a lot. Remember 75% is protein, 25% is complex carbs, absolutely no simple carbs. You’ll eat a simple carb once just because you know that’s what we normally do and you’ll regret it. You’ll get that in digestion. You’ll get that belching. And just remember, what did I eat? And then don’t ever eat that again because it’s going to make you sick. Reason number five could possibly be one of the most important reason.

#5 Hydration

Number five of when Semaglutide doesn’t work is hydration. You have to be hydrated. So hopefully everybody knows what visceral fat is. The visceral fat is the fat that’s around your midsection, the deep stuff and the stuff that’s around your organs, around your heart can cause heart disease, fatty liver, those kinds of things. Water is one of the key points of getting rid of that visceral fat. So what you have to do first thing in the morning, you need to drink a big old glass of eight ounces of water first thing in the morning before you have your coffee or anything like that. Then your goal is 80 to 100oz a day. And once you hit that goal, so you had your cup of coffee, maybe you had a cup of tea. You need to drink an additional whatever that was. So six ounce coffee, six more ounces of water. So now you’re at 106oz of water a day. I’m not going to tell you not to have your caffeine because I’m. We all need it. It’s it’s one of those things that most of us need. So you just need to drink an additional glass of water. Water is also a filler. It’s going to prevent you from feeling hungry. So before anything ever goes in my mouth, I’m drinking an eight ounce glass of water. Or when you’re at a restaurant, you’re waiting for your food to come automatically. Just drink one whole glass of water or a whole bottle of water. It will help you not eat as much. Now, if you’re on the other side of not enough calories, you still have to have that water. But maybe eat first, then drink the water because you want to get those calories in. You want to make sure you’re getting that protein in. So water is very, very important. And it will flip that if you aren’t losing or you’re gaining and you start adding in more water, you’ll start losing absolutely 100%. But water is very, very important.

These are the five reasons why you are probably not losing weight on Semaglutide. It’s important to add all five of these because if you miss one, that might be the reason. So it is important to try and put all five of these things in your daily life.